White Label FinTech App


Our client, a forward-thinking player in the financial technology sector, embarked on creating a white-label Sharia-compliant financing platform. With a particular focus on smartphone penetration, the aim was to transform the lives of underserved populations by providing accessible and ethical financial solutions.

Challenge Faced

The challenge involved developing a user-centric web and app platform that aligns with Shariah principles. The goal was to streamline smartphone financing, ensuring accessibility and empowerment for the unbanked.

Our Solutions

As the chosen technology partner, Providus Technologies developed the web and app for this white-label FinTech app. Our collaborative efforts aimed to bring financial inclusion by leveraging smartphone technology and adhering to Shariah-compliant practices.


The client used the product to revolutionize smartphone financing for the unbanked. The white-label FinTech app is designed to provide an ethical and inclusive financial experience, enhancing lives through digital connectivity.

Note: The client's name is kept confidential as per their request.

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