Super Founder: Uniting Visionaries for Global Impact


Super Founder, a visionary networking platform founded by Jeremy Barr, has a bold mission to impact 3 billion people. Jeremy envisions connecting the masses with "super founders" to foster collaboration, innovation, and community building.

Challenge Faced

The primary challenge faced by Super Founder was the development of a robust web application to bring Jeremy's vision to life. The platform is needed to facilitate seamless networking, engagement, and user interaction.

Our Solutions

In response to the challenges, Providus Technologies stepped in as the dedicated technology partner for Super Founder. Providus took charge of designing and developing the web application, ensuring that it aligns with Jeremy's vision and provides a user-friendly interface for the networking platform.


As a result of the collaboration between Super Founder and Providus Technologies, a robust and user-centric platform was created. Jeremy Barr is now poised to utilize the platform as a catalyst for supporting and nurturing the startup community. The outcome reflects the success of Providus in translating Jeremy's vision into a functional and impactful reality.


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