Lowkel Marketplace, Inc.


Lowkel Marketplace, Inc. is revolutionizing local shopping through its innovative online marketplace, providing a convenient and sustainable same-day delivery experience. Rooted in the values of community and sustainability, Lowkel connects users with products from local and regional businesses, fostering a healthier and more sustainable society.

Challenge Faced

Founder Kameron Khazeni envisioned a marketplace that would transform local shopping and contribute to building a well-rounded community. To attract funding for growth, Kameron needed to develop a compelling Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that showcased Lowkel's unique approach.

Our Solutions

Collaborating closely with Lowkel, Providus Technologies developed a robust MVP. The project included the creation of six applications for iOS and Android platforms, covering consumers, shops, delivery services, and efficient inventory management. This comprehensive solution aimed to demonstrate the full potential of Lowkel's vision.


The successful development of the MVP proved instrumental in securing $250,000 in funding from the renowned Newchip Accelerator. This financial boost positions Lowkel for significant growth and expansion, marking a crucial milestone in achieving its vision for a community-driven, sustainable online marketplace.


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