Empowering Tomorrow's Choices: BlueConnect Automotive's Smart Vehicle Assistant


BlueConnect Automotive, based in the USA, introduces an intelligent mobile assistant designed to organize vehicle records and enhance the ownership experience. The BCA Connect App integrates valuable expert information and intelligent features for used cars, making it a convenient and affordable solution.

Challenge Faced

BlueConnect Automotive aimed to create an MVP that demonstrated the capabilities of its intelligent vehicle assistant. The challenge involved developing a platform seamlessly integrating IoT features for an enhanced automotive experience.

Our Solutions

Providus Technologies partnered with BlueConnect Automotive to address this challenge. Providus was pivotal in designing and developing the web and mobile app, ensuring a fresh look aligned with the company's branding and seamless integration of IoT features.


The collaboration with Providus has provided BlueConnect Automotive with a rejuvenated platform. The newly designed app showcases the IoT features, offering a comprehensive solution for vehicle anti-theft, keyless entry control, smartphone connectivity, and car care. BlueConnect Automotive is now well-positioned in the market with a modern and user-friendly platform.


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